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Rocky McElhaney Law Firm

Law Firm in Nashville, Tennessee

545 Mainstream Dr #105, Nashville, TN 37228

Current Reviews For Attorney Rocky McElhaney Law Firm:
Exceptional 4.8

132 clients reviews

545 Mainstream Dr #105, Nashville, TN 37228

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  • Provide specific examples whenever possible (for example, “they successfully negotiated X agreement between Y parties").
  • Stick to factual statements rather than making subjective judgments ("I felt X way after meeting him").
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First, let us say thank you for taking the time not only to write a review of your law firm, but to learn more about what makes for an effective review! Online reviews can be incredibly beneficial for potential clients, the law firms themselves, their law firm, and future employers. Potential clients can gain valuable insight into different lawyers’ practices, while attorneys can benefit from honest feedback which can help them improve. By writing an informative review, your experience will prove invaluable to those looking to hire a great law firm.

A great place to start is with providing some context for your review. Explain why you hired the lawyer in question and what type of case they were handling for you. This will help other potential clients get a better understanding of how relevant your experience with them was to their own situation. Again though, leave out any personal info.

The More Specific, The Better!

Next, focus on specific details about the performance of the attorney you worked with rather than making general statements about them being “good” or “bad” overall. For example, if they provided excellent legal advice but had poor communication skills, say so! If they managed to secure a favorable outcome despite difficult odds, mention that too!

Providing specifics will give readers more insight into how well the lawyer performed in different areas and make it easier for them to decide whether or not this person is right for them.

Be sure also to include any additional information that may be useful such as the law firm’s pricing structure or billing practices—this can help others determine if this particular attorney fits within their budget constraints before deciding whether or not they want to hire him/her.

For the most part, we’d recommend avoiding leaving one-star reviews unless you have experienced an egregious level of incompetence or negligence on the part of your attorney. Instead, try to provide an accurate assessment of their performance that includes both positive and negative aspects.

When you include both the positive and negative aspects of your experience in your attorney review, other readers will get an accurate sense of what it was like working with this particular attorney. Don’t forget to be as specific as possible – detail matters!

Stick To the Facts

Finally, use neutral terms such as “efficient” or “professional” when describing your experience with the lawyer. If you stick to facts rather than more generalized opinions whenever possible, you’ll ensure that your review remains impartial and helpful for those who are considering hiring this same attorney in future cases.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that your lawyer review is both accurate and helpful for others, and will be highly visible on Expert Litigators.5 stars

Key Takeaways:
  • Provide factual details backed by specific examples.
  • Avoid inflammatory language.
  • Avoid personal attacks.
  • Refrain from discussing confidential matters.
  • Give credit where due.
  • Remain civil even if dissatisfied.
  • Stay focused on relevant topics such as professionalism, success rate, fees/billing practices, etc.
  • Always be truthful, never defamatory.
  • Remember, informative reviews from previous clients are an invaluable resource for those looking to hire competent counsel.

What to Stay Away from in a Law Firm Review

Keep in mind that a law firm review can have a lasting impact on someone’s career and online reputation, so it is important to think carefully before submitting yours. Make sure it is fair and accurate while still conveying what happened accurately enough for other potential clients who may read it later down the line.

  • Remember that reviews are meant to inform others about attorneys’ abilities—not attack them personally!
  • Avoid making comments about physical appearance or character traits unrelated to legal practice —these types of comments won’t help anyone make an informed decision about hiring someone for legal representation!
  • Refrain from discussing confidential information related to your case.
  • Very important: Make sure everything you say is accurate and truthful.

Main Takeaways

When rating a law firm, it is important to be as objective and honest as possible. Provide context for your review, focus on specific details about the attorney’s performance, include any additional information that may be useful such as pricing structure or billing practices, and use neutral terms when describing your experience with the firm. By following these steps you can provide an accurate assessment of their performance that will help other potential clients make an informed decision.

Can I remain anonymous when submitting a review?

Absolutely! We respect your privacy and understand that some reviewers may prefer to remain anonymous. When submitting a review, you will have the option to choose whether to display your name publicly or post your review anonymously. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that your review will be treated with confidentiality.

What should I consider when reading reviews on the directory?

When reading reviews, it’s important to consider multiple perspectives. Keep in mind that individual experiences may vary, and some reviews may be subjective. Look for common themes or patterns among the reviews and pay attention to the specific details shared. It can also be helpful to read reviews from clients who had similar legal needs or concerns to yours. Ultimately, use the reviews as a tool to gather information, but make sure to consult with legal professionals directly for personalized advice.

Are there any legal or ethical limitations on what I can include in my review?

Yes! Avoid making false statements, spreading misinformation, or engaging in any defamatory or malicious behavior. Please make sure always to adhere to the Elite Litigators Review Guidelines.  It’s important to express your opinion based on truthful and factual information. If you have any concerns about potential legal or ethical issues, we recommend consulting with a legal professional.

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