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MSPB Attorneys Firm Reviews
28 reviews
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4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 28 reviews)
Jim R

I really appreciate how much Melville Johnson cared about my case. From the very beginning of the process, their federal employee attorneys were friendly and very informative. We won the case, and they were even helpful afterwards, answering any questions or concerns. Thank you Melville Johnson, and I will definitely pass your good work along to others in need.


Melville Johnson, PC’s handling of my Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) case was superlative. From the day I first contacted them to the completion of the case, everything was handled promptly and professionally. They advised me well, worked with me to develop–and keep me appraised of–strategy, and aggressively pursued resolution that would be beneficial for me. I was very satisfied with every aspect of their handling of my case.


I had worked for the federal government for thirteen years, and as I got older my supervisors tried to force me out of my job in order to replace me with a younger employee. They increased my workload and placed unreasonable deadlines in order to set me up for failure. They claimed that they were doing this because they were not able to hire new employees to replace the one who had left, but I was the only one who’s work was increased. This had a detrimental effect on my health and disability, and I was no longer able to work. With the help of Melville Johnson, P.C. and Mr. Durishan I was able to take my constructive termination case to the Merit System Protection Board, and we were able to settle my appeal. They kept me in the loop every step of the way, and took the time to make sure that I understood what to expect. While I would have liked a larger settlement, the team at Melville Johnson, P.C. got the government up to their highest offer and I am glad I chose them.

About MSPB Attorneys:

Melville Johnson PC is a highly respected law firm committed to providing exceptional legal services to clients nationwide. The firm specializes in federal employment law, boasting a proven track record of success in representing federal employees across a wide range of legal matters. Melville Johnson PC prides itself on its dedication to justice, client advocacy, and unwavering pursuit of favorable outcomes.

Expertise and Practice Areas:
Melville Johnson PC's team of experienced attorneys possesses a deep understanding of federal employment law and an extensive knowledge of the complexities surrounding the federal workforce. The firm offers a diverse range of legal services tailored to the unique needs of federal employees, including:

1. Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Appeals: The firm offers zealous advocacy for federal employees facing adverse personnel actions, such as removals, demotions, suspensions, or reductions in pay. Melville Johnson PC has a solid track record of success in representing clients before the MSPB.

2. Federal Employee Disability Retirement: Melville Johnson PC aids federal employees in pursuing disability retirement benefits when they can no longer perform their job duties due to a disabling medical condition. The firm navigates clients through the complex application process, safeguarding their rights and entitlements.

3. Federal Employment Discrimination: The firm staunchly defends the rights of federal employees who have faced discrimination based on factors such as race, color, sex, age, disability, national origin, or retaliation for protected activities.

4. Whistleblower Claims: Melville Johnson PC provides vigorous representation to federal employees who have experienced retaliation for reporting misconduct, fraud, waste, or abuse within their agencies. The firm guides clients through the intricate process of filing whistleblower claims and strives to ensure maximum protection under the law.

5. Security Clearance Representation: The firm's attorneys possess extensive knowledge of the security clearance process and assist federal employees in overcoming challenges related to denials, revocations, or suspensions. Melville Johnson PC works diligently to safeguard clients' careers and secure fair treatment.

Client-Centric Approach:
Melville Johnson PC recognizes the challenges federal employees encounter when dealing with legal issues in the workplace. The firm places clients' interests at the forefront and is committed to achieving the best possible results for them. Attorneys at the firm take the time to listen to clients' concerns, explain their rights, and develop effective strategies tailored to their unique situations. Melville Johnson PC believes in open and transparent communication, ensuring clients remain well-informed throughout the legal process.

Professional Excellence and Recognition:
The attorneys at Melville Johnson PC are highly skilled and widely recognized for their expertise in federal employment law. They have received numerous accolades for their outstanding legal services, garnering recognition from reputable legal publications and organizations. The firm takes pride in its reputation for excellence, which stems from a strong foundation of client satisfaction and successful case outcomes.

Contact Melville Johnson PC:
Federal employees in need of experienced legal representation are encouraged to contact Melville Johnson PC. By scheduling a consultation, clients can discuss their cases and explore available legal options. The firm's dedicated team is prepared to provide compassionate guidance, fierce advocacy, and exceptional legal services to deserving clients.

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Federal Employment MSPB Appeals

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