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Accidents Personal Injury Brain Injuries

Hoggatt Law Office P.C. Firm Reviews
89 reviews
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4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 89 reviews)
Carl Rummel
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“Carl, we didn’t neglect your matter, we fought it to win. There was nothing mishandled or misdirected. However, there are situations where we have an ethical duty to withdraw from a matter. Those situations can include dishonesty by the client, failure to pay, and a breakdown of the attorney client relationship. We can’t go into specifics here on a public site about your case. However, there are situations where clients have unreasonable expectation that ignore established facts which drive a breakdown in the attorney client relationship. We’re regretful that you are unhappy and wish you the best in your future endeavors.” I appreciate your reply, as it demonstrates for others just how little respect you have for your clientele, whom you enjoy attacking in public; I’m only the latest one. And how dare you insinuate I was dishonest with you, or failed to pay? Or suggest there were any unreasonable expectations? Of course you can’t go into specifics, because you have nothing to support your disingenuous characterizations. I could have easily represented myself in this case, but I didn’t want to directly engage my ex in front of the judge. I understand family court well enough to understand just how poorly you did. One can only wonder how many people you’ve abused because they’re unfamiliar with the legal process. I do believe you do fight to win, but only cherry-picked personal injury cases, and your other clients suffer. If you don’t think FILING A CRUCIAL RESPONSE ON THE WRONG CASE is mishandling something, that clearly demonstrates your ineptitude and unwillingness to accept responsibility. Jeff McCarty was completely oblivious that the judge did not have the document during the hearing, and the consequences were disastrous. The error would have gone undiscovered if I hadn’t known how to check the register of actions – and when I wrote Jeff about the gaffe, he ignored me. When I wrote a second time holding Amanda to task for the misfiling, he suddenly cared – about her. Jeff had been unprepared as usual, including the time we had to track him down for a hearing and he was clearly disoriented when he appeared. There was the time Jeff changed the hearing date and forgot to tell me. And the time I called Amanda and she thought my file had been closed, because of Jeff’s dawdling. The case got off to a bad start because Jeff wasn’t prepared and wasn’t sharp enough to challenge the opposing party’s dishonest testimony before FOC. He was provided concrete evidence of the perjury and failed to seek immediately, or ever, sanctions and attorney fees. The ABA writes “perhaps no professional shortcoming is more widely resented than procrastination. A client’s interests often can be adversely affected by the passage of time or the change of conditions.” Jeff had an ethical duty to zealous advocacy and failed. The last thing I asked you for was a final billing, which I requested multiple times over months. I never received it. According to the Michigan Attorney Discipline Board web site, Jeff was appointed to represent a woman in a claim for Social Security Widow’s Benefits, and it was found he sought to charge an illegal fee, and in a collection suit filed against her, he failed inform the court that he had previously agreed that he would not charge or receive any fee unless authorized in accordance with the Social Security laws and regulations. This is consistent with the lack of integrity I experienced and he’s found a home at Rasor. You took $15,000 from me and failed to help me advocate for my kids who have suffered emotional abuse. As if your lack of humanity for children who had their innocence destroyed weren’t reprehensible enough, you have chosen to attack me with foolish innuendo. You didn’t have the energy to fight in court so now you’re battling another client on social media. Your kinds words are as worthless as your character and your cowardly accusations.

Troy Sebastian
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Hard to reach and lacking in the people skills department. I paid 2500 for absolutely nothing. You say lawyer, I say legal robbery. all I received from Mr McCarty was the bear minimum. By far the worst purchase of my life with nothing to show for it. You’re better off hiring a clown

Josh Murray
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Great law firm that fights hard for your rights!!!

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